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About Carbon Iceland

After two years of preparation and planning, Carbon Iceland ehf. was formed in January 2020.

Our goal is to capture 1.0 million tonnes of CO2 using Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology developed and applied by our partner, the Canadian firm Carbon Engineering. Additionally, Carbon Iceland will capture CO2 from point source (flue gases) from large plants emitting large quantities of CO2.

The location of our first DAC plant will be at the eco-industrial park at Bakki, near Húsavík in North Iceland.

Carbon Iceland’s operations will use renewable energy sources to capture CO2 and to produce environmentally friendly products, such as green eFuel for  ships and aviation and other types of transportation. Also, Carbon Iceland will produce green CO2 for food enrichment and the beverage industry.  Thus the operations of Carbon Iceland will create no pollution and no emissions.

The total capturing plan for Carbon Iceland is 1-2 millions of CO2 on a yearly basis. This will be used to produce several hundreds of thousands of tons of both green eFuel and green CO2.

An overview of operations

Carbon Iceland’s team

Hal Oskarsson, Chairman of Board
+354 820 6060   |   hal@carboniceland.is

Christiaan P. Richter, CTO, Professor at the University of Iceland
+354 831 5321   |   cpr@carboniceland.is

Eyjo Larusson, Founder
+354 897 5353   |   eyjo@carboniceland.is

From left to right: Christiaan, Eyjo and Hal.

Carbon Iceland’s mission

We aspire to create Europe’s leading company fighting climate change.

We seek to use world’s best technologies to capture large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

We thrive on making a useful contribution to the world and to lead the way in harvesting CO2 for the benefit of the economy and people.

Carbon Iceland’s plant at Bakki, in North-Iceland

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